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The evolution of the heated towel bar stretches way back into the 1800s. In 1834 a man named Denison Olmstead created a heat exchanger, which he described as ‘a peculiar kind of apparatus, which I call a radiator’

In 1855, Franz San Galli of St. Petersburg invented the heating radiator. Once radiators reached the bathroom, towels were placed to warm and dry before and after bathing. The arrival of the towel warmer came to pass.

The 1920s saw the first water heated towel warmers, commonly referred to as a ‘bath radiator’. Here in the UK, drying racks, heated towel rails and heated towel bars were luxury items and would only ever be found in homes and hotels of high upstanding status.

As time passed, new accessible materials became available and our abilities to manipulate and manufacture these materials grew. Materials such as copper, brass, mild steel and stainless steel helped to make heated towel warmers a much-loved bathroom feature for all.

Over the past 32 years Vogue UK has become Britain’s leading manufacturer of heated towel rails, designer radiators and accessories. Established in 1990 within the industrial heartlands of the West Midlands, Vogue UK have always been privately owned.

With an emphasis on design and development, the brand creates more new ranges than any other company in its field, combining classical fashion with ever more functional heating options.

For Our ‘Roaring 20s’ Vogue UK has created The ElectroBar Range.

What are Vogue UK ElectroBars? Electrically heated towel bars designs that have hidden workings, which can be arranged to suit your bathroom space. The designs make the heated towel bars, the primary design feature. The simple installation is ideal for first fix bathrooms, creating a clean and uncomplicated effect. Design options compliment the vast majority of interior design styles, ElectroBar is for those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship, coupled with the latest technology.

The authenticity that makes Vogue UK’s designs a global success now inspires the resurgence of radiator manufacturing towards new possibilities. Innovative spirit, dedication to precision and a quest for perfection in the design. Creative products such as ElectroBar, have characterised Vogue UK’s philosophy to stand out as a pioneer within bathroom interiors.

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