ElectroBar one is our classic format bar, engineered for sleek simplicity.

Any product or interior designer will explain that, the simplest designs are often the most effective; yet equally often the hardest to achieve. Vogue UK’s Electrobar one designs perfectly extol this theory. Designed and engineered to look simple and minimal.

These designs are ideal when within a hands’ grasp of the shower or as a feature over a statement bathtub; the modular bar format allows you to arrange and space the products.

ElectroBar one works well with the latest trends for larger format tiles within bathrooms and wet rooms. See gallery images 1 and 2 where contemporary upscaled ceramic tiles are used.

Available in 5 bar styles, in 3 size widths and with 16 various finishes, the product can be supplied with 2, 3 or 4 bars.